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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Month of Sundays

Well, not really--but October seems to be one of the best months around here as far as outdoor activities, so we end up doing something most weekends. On Friday, October 13 we went to the North Carolina State Fair. It's something that we have done each year that we have been here (both separately and together) and we always have a good time. I always have to eat whatever new fried thing they have this year (this year it was Fried Coke) and David always has to see the big pumpkin.

This year they had an "Ark" where they had Mamas and baby animals. They had two little donkeys in with their mothers that were just adorable...all fuzzy and frisky. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a picture.

On Sunday, October 15th we took Cameron and Christopher (Kelsey was going to go, too...but she was too tired from a band competition) to the North Carolina Rennaissance Fair that is held every year in Charlotte. We saw our favorites...Zilch the Storyteller (who speaks in Spoonerisms, London Broil (some of the best jugglers around and one is named "Duncan"! and Blackenshears the Mysterious (Cam's favorite [sorry...don't find a website]). This years we took in one new show, The Tortuga Twins (actual a Trio which was a little "raunchy" but fun. They did a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. The big guy in the red is the Big Bad Wolf:

The weather was perfect...just cool enough and it wasn't too crowded. As we left we rain into the Green Man:

For a real cool song on The Green Man, check out and click on "greenman".


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