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Friday, April 22, 2005

David as Ozzy 2

David as Ozzy 2
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Here is a picture of David dressed as Ozzy Osbourne for his company's Halloween party. He looks pretty good!

Here We Go...

Well, it's been awhile since there were new Boosman (kids) posts. The old blog doesn't seem to want to work for me anymore, so I decided to go ahead and start up a new one. First, I will do a quick update.

Duncan is now in 11th grade and has been dating Shelby for over a year. He has his driver's license and is looking forward to doing an internship through his AOIT (Academy of Information Technology) classes this summer. He still plays for the CASL soccer league but after this season he is going to switch to the adult league (TASL) which his father also plays for.

Cameron is in 10th grade and got his first job about a month ago. He works at a movie theater, mainly doing concessions. He's working on getting his driver's license so he can drive himself to work. I bought a car for the boys to use for work and he is looking forward to driving it. (It's a 1989 Honda Civic that I got on eBay!). He just finished his last season with Basketball with Apex Parks and Recreation. He is too old to play next year so we will have to find something else for him to do, sportswise.

Kelsey is my "social butterfly" child. She's in 9th grade and participates in Chorus, Color Guard, Girl Scouts and GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance). She is presently working on her Silver Award for Girl Scouts (which is going to be an overnight camping trip for the 3rd grade Brownie Scouts) and recently tried out for a solo in Chorus. Color Guard is off-cycle right now, but try-outs are starting up in May with Band Camp in August. Kelsey is also signed up for two weeks of W.I.T. (Wrangler-in-Training) camp with the Girl Scouts (basically she teaches younger girls how to ride horses) and one week of Music/Voice Camp during the summer. That child is always busy. She spent Spring Break in the Bahamas on a cruise (with the Marching Band) and will be going to Paris and Amsterdam in November with her dad.

As for me...I'm still in Document Control at Cardinal Health in Research Triangle Park (RTP). I've been dating a great guy since last July and it's looking pretty serious. I never thought I would be interested in dating again let alone getting married, so it goes to show you that you can never know what life might through your way. My boyfriend, David, is 18 months older than I am and has an almost 14 year old son. He actually was married the same year that I was and got divorced the year that Frank and I separated. We've both had time to look over our old relationships and think about what we want for the future and I think we have a pretty good chance of making a successful marriage. We are very much in sync, which scared me at first because I had never dated someone so similar to me before. But, it seems to be working.