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Friday, May 04, 2007

Catching Up-March 2007

In March we went down to Laurinburg, NC to participate in an Autocross with the 84 Targa. We decided to make a weekend of it and also visit some country seats. See our county seat blog for updates on that...( After finally finding the airport, David found that he had been scheduled for the first heat which had already started so he had to wait until the end of the 2nd heat and participate in the Fun Run. Here he is getting ready to run:

And here he is taking off from the starting line:

His time was about 95 seconds and he's looking forward to running the Autocross in April to better that time.

After the autocross we drove around a little and then went to our hotel. The next morning we heading towards Rockingham (a county seat) and found these ruins on the way:
Turns out they are the ruins of the Great Mill that burned to the ground in 1972. This is what it used to look like:

It's amazing to see these ruins just sitting my the side of a major street. Spooky and wonderful all at the same time. There is a waterfall behind the mill (seen through one of the windows):
Better view of the Waterfall

The sound of the rushing water was so beautiful. We spent about a half an hour just walking around and made a point to do some research on the mill. It's nice to see a piece of history even if it is no longer "pristine".


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