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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shasta (The Wonder Husky) 1994-2007

Today I had to put Shasta to sleep. Two years ago she had a tumor on her leg and we had it removed in May of 2005 and again in Feb of 2006. But, the tumor came back late last year and the doctors didn't think she would survive the surgery. So, we've just been trying to keep her comfortable but it had become harder and harder for her to get up and down the stairs. She'd lost over 20 pounds over the last two years and finally it was decided that it was time. I took her in this morning to see if there was anything else to be done and the doctor suggested that it was time to let her rest. So, now she's with Saffron (Saffy)...her "bestest" friend. Saffy came into the house in July of 1995 at 12 weeks old and Shasta came 3 weeks later at approximately 14 months. Even though I'm not sure Shasta wasn't always in agreement, Saffy decided that Shasta was just some really big furry cat and basically decided that Shasta was her friend. Saffy would constantly rub up against Shasta and lay across her feet when Shasta was lying down. Shasta would just look up at us with those long-suffering eyes and you could almost hear her sigh with having to put up with that goofy cat.

Saffy died of septis in November and Shasta's tumor had reappeared about the same time. I kind of thought to myself that they came into the house together and perhaps they would leave together...but Shasta made it another 6 months...but now Saffy can lie across Shasta's feet again and rub against her face. Won't Shasta *love* that!

We miss you both and we are happy to have had you in our lives.


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