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Monday, February 06, 2006

David Finally Got His Porsche

Side View
Originally uploaded by KwanYin.
Here is a picture of David's 1984 Porsche Carrera (Targa). He has been researching which Porsche to buy for the last few months and we have been all over the place as far as which model (912e to 914 to 911) and which year (1976 to 1973 to 1984)...not to mention color! While I think that a 1985 yellow 911 is still his ideal car, this one comes in a close second. I suggested the Targa because I still have very pleasant memories of my 1980 Rabbit Convertible and he is loving it. Fortunately we have been having a mild winter so he actually can take the top off quite often. We are trying to get the garage cleaned out (combining two full households means a full garage!)so we can keep the Porsche in there.