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Thursday, December 14, 2006


On November 21, 2006 one of our kitties died. Her name was Saffron, more commonly known as "Saffy". She was about 11 1/2 years old and had been adopted by us in 1995 from Kitten Kaboodle here in Raleigh. Frank and Duncan picked her out as Duncan wanted a cat of his own (Cameron had Flower at the time and Kelsey would soon have Misty) and Frank liked her as well so he said he would take partial responsibility for her. (Of course, you know who ended up taking the most care of her!). She was the sweetest cat that I had ever met and she immediately took to Shasta who came into the house just a few weeks after Saffy:
[insert picture of Saffy and Shasta here].
While Saffy had been born in North Carolina, she flew to California in 1998, rode in the car from Mountain View to San Diego in 2000 and took a cross country trip back to North Carolina in 2001. She was a well traveled cat and except for "p**ping" on herself during the Mountain View to San Diego trip (which the kids still vividly remember) she always did quite well. She even recently weathered the middle of the night evacuation (in October) of Apex due to the EQ plant exploding!
But, when David and I got back from Reno on November 14th, she wasn't in the house and the kids didn't think they had seen her since the day before. I finally found her out in the yard on the evening of the 15th and while she looked a little thin, I thought it was just from being outside for 2 days. She seemed okay but as the days went buy I noticed that she was not eating and that she was hiding herself away from everyone. I took her to the emergency clinic on Sunday (the 19th) and they found a tumor in her stomach. They said it didn't look good, but she was still as friendly as ever. I took her to her regular vet on Monday evening and by then she was fading. She still would come to you and talk to you, but she was weak...and refused to eat. She died very early the next morning at home. Duncan heard her crying and went out to check on her and came and told me that she was crying and growling. By the time he got back downstairs, she had died. We had her cremated and she will join the remains of Ivy, Flower and C.B. on one of the kids's bookshelves (probably Duncan's if he wants her). The vet said that it turned out that she had Sepsis and probably the tumor had burst at some point and the bacteria from the dead tissue had gotten into her bloodstream and basically slowly shut her organs down. I'm sorry that she had to suffer and if I had known we would have had her put to sleep, but we kept hoping we could find someway to get her health turned around as she was only 11 1/2...she should have been with us for at least another 5-7 years.

So Rest in Peace, Saffy. We miss you and we won't forget you. Jewel is still looking for you and doesn't understand where you have gone.


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